Crashing a Party, in Skippack

Mr. and Mrs. Skippack Blogger with the Honorable Albert J Augustine, district judge for Skippack Township. We had to crash a party to get this pic. You can kind of tell by what I am wearing.

Mrs. Skippack Blogger and I are taking our usual evening stroll through Skippack Village. As we pass the patio of beautiful Brasserie 73, we see people gathered at a party.

In the crowd, I spot the welcoming smile of my friend and Skippack neighbor CJ Santangelo, co-owner of Edge Signs and Graphics, founder of a local, nonprofit charitable organization called the A-Team, and a long-time supporter of my blog and writing. CJ’s awesome business partner Robert Legassie is there as well.

What else could we do but crash the party?

The party, it turns out, was in honor of the Honorable Albert J Augustine, district judge who is also a long-time Skippack resident. I recently heard Judge Augustine tell wonderful stories about growing up in Skippack at a meeting of the Skippack Historical society.

Also present was Jay Reed, a friend and the owner of a nearby local business, the delightful Trappe Tavern. Mark Marino, former Skippack Township Supervisor, was there as well. I remember that when the builder of my development of ran into some, uh, financial trouble (read bankruptcy), Mark helped our community in many ways. I also met Mike Krasley, owner of a local plumbing and heating business who is running for district judge in nearby Limerick and Royersford.

A beautiful village such as Skippack is all well and good, but we rely on people to make our lives meaningful. My friend CJ Santangelo is a strong personality, a go-getter, but he is always making room for me in his world, and has been supportive of my work and loyal since we first met. You don’t meet people like this every day.

What else could I do but crash the party? What else could I do but make a video?