Escape to Skippack

Spring in Skippack is awesome.

“The world is too much with us,” wrote the great poet William Wordsworth, and think about it — he didn’t even own a computer or a cellphone. Today, the world itself — all it’s beauty, terror, temptations, and absurdity — is constantly in front of me via my desktop computer and carried in my pocket everywhere I go via my cell phone.

Within each device, the world presents itself as a digital pot of stew. Everything is thrown together. Click and here is Albert Einstein. Click and here is Kim Kardashian. Everything is equal in an endless whirlpool of image and information. Click here to see a cute, furry kitten. Click here to see the latest act of terror.

If you are looking for a date or a mate (which I’m not), a new job (which I am), or a new house or car (no thanks), the computer is now Lord and Master. Human consciousness must bow to the digital screen.

I need to escape. My fingertips long to touch a reality that is not virtual; a world with actual textures and dimensions. Thank goodness, I can just open my door and take a walk into Skippack. Beautiful Skippack Village restores me to mental health again and again.

When too much time is spent in front of a digital screen
And I am too caught up in the folly of humanity,
I walk into Skippack Village
Where spring air can restore my sanity

The Great Escape

Skippack looks great on the screen. Perhaps it’s time to check it out in real life.

Truth be told, my great escape really just means walking a few short blocks outside my front door. I take a right turn out of my development onto our main street, Skippack Pike. The town’s distinctive, restored buildings welcome me like a committee of well-meaning friends who have awaited my visit.

I pass Justin’s Carriage House, with its solid brick front. I can see the curve in the street that defines the heart of Skippack Village. I’m on my way into town. I may have taken this walk a thousand times, but it never grows old.

I stop to rest at a bench in front of the Southwest Trading Post. Before me, I see our landmark covered bridge and, to my right, beautiful Hotel Fiesole, both subtle and grand. A recording of Native American flute music plays in the background, helping me relax and take it all in.

What makes this environment so much healthier and more refreshing than the digital world that sits atop my desk? I feel it. The sun warms me. The wind that stirs the grass touches my skin.

I look up. My world has expanded, beyond the dimensions of computer or cellphone. The sky is infinite, like the promise of peace that will one day come to earth.

A Sign of Spring

But what I am doing? What is my purpose? I am looking for a sign of spring. I get up and move on.

And soon I find it. I pass one of our most popular restaurants, Basta Pasta, and its perpendicular neighbor, the Cabana Bar. The clear plastic sheeting that protects the restaurant and bar in winter months has been removed and people are now enjoying lunch or drinks in the open air. More than the flowering of dogwoods or cherry blossoms, this signals the start of spring in Skippack, a new season of events, entertainment, and eating out, with local residents and visitors adding the spice of vivacity to our peaceful town.

But now the supremacy of the digital world reasserts itself. If I am to tell you my story, I must return to my keyboard and type it into my Content Management System. The moral of the story: I hope you will come this spring to visit Skippack. And if my words are too much, here is a video:

For a list of events this spring, check out the Skippack Events Calendar.