An Artist Says Goodbye to Skippack

Terry Roth in Skippack

Terry Roth in Skippack

I moved back to Pennsylvania to escape the crowded and overrated life in the Washington, DC metro area. I had lived away from my home state during the last 45 years and decided to return to my roots, having grown up in Bucks County. I also wanted to continue my career as a professional artist in the Philadelphia area.

Somewhat by accident, my art wound up in Skippack, PA. One day last fall, I came upon retail space that was available at Green Wolf’s Village Barn Shoppes in the Village of Skippack. I had a vision and here was a place to pursue it. I rented the space and opened my first art gallery, TL Roth Studio Gallery. I liked the feeling of the Village and the warmth of the other business owners I had met.

My goal with the gallery was to bring contemporary fine art to Montgomery County. The gallery also would be a working gallery with my studio located within the space. I could create and exhibit my work all in one location. The initial months of trying to establish myself in the community brought many visitors into the gallery. I enjoyed the interaction with the people interested in my work and those who valued it enough to purchase it. My time and effort were spent creating the work, educating the buyer, and selling the work.

TL Roth Gallery (1)The vision for creating my art has grown dramatically since I opened the gallery. I believe Skippack is a wonderful environment and partly responsible for that growth. I am grateful to the people in Skippack Village who supported me.

My experience with my art career while in Skippack has been rewarding. It has been a stepping stone of professional growth. However,  I need to expand access to my work to a larger audience and art community. So my journey will take another detour in 2016. I closed TL Roth Studio Gallery the end of November. In the early spring, I will be moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the premier art communities in the United States. The opportunities there are many and the challenges even greater.

I love my work as an artist, it defines who I am. I believe every artist searches for acceptance and recognition. Finding it is the greatest reward.

You can reach Terry Roth by email at [email protected]


Special thanks to Jason Diliberto Photography for allowing us to share his four night time portraits of Terry Roth which appear toward the end of the video. Jason is another talented artist who has made his creative home in Skippack.