Skippack Village Carnival: Every Bowl is a Winner

Character from carnival in Skippack Village

A character from a carnival ride (the Luv Bug) stands in front of Skippack Pike.

The 2017 Skippack Village Carnival takes place Wednesday, May 31 to Sunday, June 4. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the carnival starts at 6 pm and runs to around 10 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the carnival runs from 3 pm thru 10 pm. If the carnival is busy, they will remain open past closing time. The address is 4059 Skippack Pike.

Everyone should know the happiness of living in a town like Skippack, where an old-fashioned carnival, with bright lights, popcorn, cotton candy, and festive noise, sprouts for a short few days in summer. It reminds us that life is not all about work, decorum and responsibility. That we, children of all ages, must set aside a time and space for simple, low-cost, goofy fun. No sophistication please; it will destroy our happiness.

This morning like most, I began my day with a part-walk, part-jog through Skippack Village before work. The air was cool and the carnival rides and characters were still; they looked like statues with a sense of humor. Quiet. Eternal plastic smiles. Waiting for the children.

Tonight, in the hot summer evening, the carnival came to life. It is a small town carnival. A serenade of children’s laughter and screams. No Disney or Warner Brothers corporate branding. Just a small gathering of rides, games, and concession stands.

Above one of the games, ping pong ball-toss into a pyramid of goldfish bowls, is a sign which reads “Every Bowl Is A Winner.” This is a great philosophy to live by: No matter what life hands you, you are a winner because it is good to be alive. Every bowl is a winner.

A barker gets my attention and for 5 dollars, I get three throws of the dart. Eventually, I put down five more dollars, throw seven darts, and succeed in popping three balloons. For my effort, I get a stuffed, snow-white gorilla wearing a bow-tie. I hand it to my wife, troubled recently by a severe illness in her family. It is a moment of sweet laughter without sarcasm or irony, a moment free from worry and anxiety.

A carnival is priceless.

More about the Skippack Village Carnival.

Sign above carnival game: Every bowl is a winner

A great philosophy to live by: Every bowl is a winner. No matter what life hands you, you are still a winner.

Bear in Skippack Village

This bear wandered into Skippack Village.

Author of blog with wife at Skippack Carnival

Debby and I at the Skippack Village Carnival: A moment of happiness.

Man who runs dart-toss game booth

This man runs the dart-toss game booth at the Skippack Village Carnival.

Girl holding two goldfish in plastic bags

A girl shows off goldfish she won at the Skippack Village Carnival.

Jill Lewko and granddaughter

Jill Lewko, owner of the Enchanted Florist in Skippack Village, and her granddaughter Avery at the carnival.

Carousel Pony

A time of innocence: A pony awaits a child at the Skippack Village Carnival.