Skippack Beer Fest: Our Town Becomes a Beer Garden

The Roadhouse Grille in Skippack

The Roadhouse Grille in Skippack: Where our story takes place

The First Annual Skippack Beer Fest will take place Sunday, October 27 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Ticket price is $45. This price includes a wristband and tasting cup with unlimited pours for the duration of the event. Purchase tickets here.

Click here for a guide to the Skippack Beer Fest.

kippack Beer Fest Brain Trust

The Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust: The Skippack Blogger in the Center: Joe to your left, Brad to your right

A New Event Requires Creative Genius

With me tonight at the Roadhouse Grille in Skippack are two worthy gentlemen:

  • Brad DeForest, web designer, and social media consultant and my partner on this website and our latest project the new Best of Skippack
  • Joe Mitsch, general manager at the Roadhouse Grille

We are meeting to plan for a new Skippack event to be held on October 27, at the first annual Skippack Beer Fest, the latest to be added to an increasingly busy Skippack Calendar.

In honor of the event, Brad, Joe and I have officially formed a new civic organization, the Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust, whose mission is to conceive and implement creative and brilliant ways to help promote the Skippack Beer Fest on the I Love Skippack website and Facebook page.

Joe is showing us the variety of breweries which have already signed up to be represented at the Skippack Beer Fest: Yuengling, Dogfish Head, Manayunk Brewing Company, Evil Genius, Brooklyn Brewery, Prism Brewing Company (out of nearby North Wales), Thomas Creek, Avery Brewing, Fegley’s Brew Works, Doylestown Brewing Company, Stone, Smuttynose, Hofbräuhaus Munich, Heavy Seas, Flying Fish, and many more.

“Wow. You’ve got all those breweries signed up already. This is a serious deal,” observes Brad

Joe Mitsch shows breweries which have signed up for the Skippack Beer Fest.

Joe Mitsch proudly shows breweries which have signed up for the Skippack Beer Fest.

The word “serious” sends a signal to my brain cells that it’s time to get to the business of asking questions. I put down my glass of beer.

“Joe: Other nearby towns, like Lansdale and King of Prussia, also have a beer fest. What makes the Skippack Beer Fest unique?”

Question for Joe, member of Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust: Other nearby towns, like Lansdale and King of Prussia, also have a beer fest. What makes the Skippack Beer Fest unique?

“It’s half a mile long,” he answers.

“Well, how long are the others?” I ask, hoping I didn’t give away the fact that I have never actually been to a beer fest.

“Usually it’s just one big tent,” explains Brad.

“We’ll have multiple tents, starting around Justin’s Carriage House,” says Joe. “Tents will extend all the way to the Parc Bistro. Under each tent will be some of the brewers and some of the Skippack merchants. Vendors will be present as well.”

“There will be something for everyone,” Joe continues. “Beer drinkers can imbibe, shoppers can enjoy our great stores, and if you get hungry, stop in one of Skippack’s great restaurants. We’ll also have some great live bands.”

The Brain Trust Continues

“OK, so we’re going to have a beer fest that’s half a mile long and lets you enjoy the beautiful village of Skippack,” says Brad. “We gotta come up with a slogan that captures this idea.”

The Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust relaxes after debating a serious issue.

Teamwork: The Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust relaxes after resolving a challenging issue.

“How about this for a slogan,” I suggest, “The Skippack Beer Fest: Get Out from Under the Beer Tent.”

“I love it,” says Joe.

“Hey, I’ve got a couple more ideas,” says Brad, “How about this: ‘On October 27, Skippack Village becomes a beer garden.'”

“That’s great, we’ll use it.”

“Hey, says Brad, “I’ve got another one.” The dude is on a roll:

“Where would you rather enjoy a frosty brew: under a crowded tent or in a village garden?”

“Well,” I respond, “It’s a bit long, but we can work with it.”

“Man,” says Joe, “these are some great slogans. This is a great start.”

“Let’s toast to the Skippack Beer Fest Brain Trust,” I propose.

“Let’s toast to the Skippack Beer Fest,” answers Joe.

“Let’s toast to Skippack,” suggests Brad.

Here’s to Skippack, the town we love. And here’s to the joy of working on a new project with Brad and Joe. And here’s to friendship, which carries us through the work and routine of our lives. And to the beverage, made from malted cereal grain, flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation, that we will celebrate in Skippack come October 27. On that day and everyday: May our small town always be just the right size to welcome guests and host our friends.

Click on the image below to access a Facebook post with an updated list of breweries which have signed up for the Skippack Beer Fest.