Skippack-mania with DJ Gerry Kelly

DJ Gerry Kelly in Skippack;

Awesome DJ in an awesome town: Gerry Kelly in Skippack.

The Skippack Blogger and his wife, Mrs. Blogger, love to go to Hotel Fiesole (pronounced fee-soh-lay) to dance the night away.

We are especially happy when music, light show, and party atmosphere are courtesy of fellow Skippack resident DJ Gerry Kelly. Gerry makes a terrific impression. He is a high-energy, straightforward, positive guy who proudly calls Skippack home. I enjoy watching him motivate the folks on the Fiesole dance floor.


Gerry is a loyal reader of I Love Skippack and our Facebook page. All I need to know. After meeting up at Skippack Pizza, we drive out to the Guitar Center in Plymouth Meeting. Gerry is on the hunt for new lighting for his DJ show. Aside from pumping up the jam, Gerry is a health and physical education teacher in a nearby elementary school, married, and a dad to two sons, aged 7 and 9.

Gerry checks out DJ equipment at the guitar center in Plymouth Meeting.

Gerry checks out DJ equipment at the Guitar Center in Plymouth Meeting.

At the wheel, Gerry cranks up iHeartRadio (digital Internet radio) played through his Android phone: His speakers blast out Yeah! with Usher, Ludacris, & Lil Jon. The boisterous dance beat and blunt shouting make the ride a blast. Skippack Blogger feels young. Riding down Germantown Pike, Gerry and I discover what we have in common — Skippack-mania.

Gerry first heard about Skippack in 2000 and moved here with his wife in 2001. “Skippack is an awesome town,” says Gerry. “It’s family centered and community oriented. It’s also a great place for dinner, shopping, entertainment. Skippack has it all.”

Gerry had been a DJ and played drums in a cover band during college. A few years ago, he rediscovered his passion for deejaying and started a small business, G.K Entertainment. In Skippack, he works the Family Fun Run and the Halloween Party at the 4-H center, both Skippack Lions Club events. This year he started gigs at the Hotel Fiesole.

“The fun part about deejaying at Hotel Fiesole is you get a really mixed crowd. You get people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and up. It gives me an opportunity to spin some of the greatest hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, thru today’s hits.

“At Fiesole, I’m going to be playing everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire, O’Jays, and the Temptations to current dance music by recording artists such as Pitbull, Usher, and Beyonce.

“My passion,” adds Gerry, “is 80s and 90s dance music; songs like Vogue by Madonna.”

We arrive at the Guitar Center. Gerry goes off in search of lighting for his show at the Fiesole this Saturday. I snap a few photos. The highlight of the visit occurs when Gerry tests out a drum set. Watch him go in the video below:

Before the evening ends, I have a favor to ask.

“Gerry, will you take some song requests from my wife. You see, Mrs. Skippack Blogger loves to dance”

Dedicated to the One I Love

The Skippack Blogger and his wife at the Hotel Fiesole

The Skippack Blogger and his wife at Hotel Fiesole

On the dance floor at Hotel Fiesole, Debby’s smile extends from ear to ear and all traces of seriousness, self-doubt, and anxiety disappear. Our plan for our late life marriage was to grow old together, but on the Fiesole dance floor we grow young together.

As a teenager, Debby grew up in a home with a strict emphasis on education; her upbringing cultivated the self-discipline which became the foundation of her organized and successful life. But she also found her escape valve — hours spent watching Soul Train on television. That’s how she got her dance moves and sense of fun.

Fall in love and you will discover that there is always another layer to the human soul. Time and shared experience peel it away. My wife knows not the ways of idleness; hard work and routine are for her principles beyond questioning. But she refuses to let our obligations or life’s inevitable losses stop us from making time for fun, a lesson she absorbed watching the Soul Train dance line. Her outlook on life makes Skippack the perfect town for us.

To this day, she loves the playlist of her youth: Earth, Wind, and Fire, Cheryl Lynn, Gloria Gaynor, Kool and the Gang, Evelyn “Champagne” King, the Village People, Chaka Kahn, Ashford & Simpson, Donna Summer, Vicki Sue Robinson, Thelma Houston, the Sugarhill Gang, the Commodores, Peaches & Herb, and others.

A view of Hotel Fiesole in Skippack

A view of Hotel Fiesole in Skippack

Debby’s childhood home was New York City, where disco was born and growing up affords many opportunities to pick up dance moves and try them out. By contrast, I spent my youth in suburbs listening to rock played on the FM radio, and resisted the disco invasion. But now I love the dance mix. Why? Because the woman I love loves it.

Mrs. Skippack Blogger’s Top 10

DJ Gerry, here are 10 songs beloved of my beloved. Please play a few this Saturday at Hotel Fiesole.

September — Earth, Wind, and Fire

Ladies Night — Kool & the Gang

Here Comes the Hotstepper — Ini Kamoze

I know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) — Pitbull

Shame — Evelyn “Champagne” King

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now — McFadden & Whitehead

Let’s Groove — Earth, Wind, and Fire

Celebration — Kool & the Gang

Shake Your Groove Thing — Peaches & Herb

I Feel for You — Chaka Kahn

The Skippack Mix

The sound is urban. The friendly atmosphere is small town. The mix is Skippack.

Contact Gerry Kelly and G.K. Entertainment: [email protected] or  610.608.5216.

Connect with Gerry on Facebook.