Tough Guys Make Tender Cupcakes, in Skippack

Sinful men: Bob Sullivan mixes the actual cake of the cupcakes and John D'Agostino handles icing detail.

Sinful men: Bob Sullivan (at left) mixes the actual cake of the cupcakes and John D’Agostino Jr handles icing detail.

The Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe

Update: The Sinful has closed. We are sorry to report that the the Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe located at 4034 Skippack Pike has closed its doors to business. We wish the owner Kristin and her family the best of luck in their future endeavors.


A bite into a luscious, spongy delight from the Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe seems the essence of decadent luxury. Teeth descending and tongue absorbing rich flavors like caramel and buttercream, the smidgen of icing that remains on the corner of my lip, the total abandonment of dreary vows to watch my calorie intake; it is all delightfully sinful.

But stop and think about the ingredients that go into making each sinfully tasty moment. No I am not talking about eggs, flour, vanilla extract and so forth. I am talking about hard work, risk taking, entrepreneurship and other such virtues. The very qualities that make America great are the qualities that make great cupcakes.

To show you what I mean, come with me on a visit to the Sinful Cupcake in the heart of Skippack Village. Here we find my friend Bob Sullivan, whose wife Kristin Sullivan is the owner/baker of the establishment, and gentleman John D’Agostino Jr.

Bob is mixing the actual cake of the cupcakes and John handles icing detail. Bob and John have worked together before, but not in a baker’s kitchen, on a construction site.

“John started with me in my construction company” says Bob, who is also the owner and operator of  Premier Building Contractors LLC, “he was my best employee from start to finish, he was always on time, he knew how to do his job, I could always rely on him.”

Construction Worker, Baker and Cinematographer

I can personally attest to John’s steadiness and reliability. We decide to make an iPhone video of my visit to the Sinful Cupcake Kitchen, John is chosen to be cameraman. He holds the iPhone video camera with an amazingly steady grip.

When the Skippack Blogger (that’s me) holds the iPhone camera, the resulting video appears as if taken during an earthquake. I am grateful if my thumb is not covering the lens for half of the film.

Watch the video below and you’ll see the steady hand of John D’Agostino, iPhone video pro (except for one little shake at the very beginning; listen, none of us are perfect). Thanks, John.

Beyond the Kitchen

Bob Sullivan’s contributions to the Sinful enterprise go beyond his freshly-acquired but remarkable skills in the kitchen. He used his carpentry and construction skills to refurbish the interior of the building at 4034 Skippack Pike, freshening up aging rooms and turning them into an inviting hangout with a touch of hipster chic.

The Skippack Blogger wants to thank Bob Sullivan for making this town more fun and hangout-friendly, especially for coffee lovers like me and my wife, Mrs. Blogger. Note: The coffee here is amazing. Thanks, Bob.

The Wages of Sin

Bob & Kristin Sullivan: Creating a sinfully successful business in Skippack Village.

Bob & Kristin Sullivan: Creating a sinfully successful bakery and cafe in Skippack Village.

I know from many visits and talks the hard work, long hours, and sacrifices Bob and his wife Kristin Sullivan have made for sake of the Sinful. I ask Bob about their dreams and hopes.

Bob stops from his constant doing to reflect for a moment. “A company that’s making a lot of money is not necessarily successful, ” he says, “if people aren’t happy.  We want to be successful as a business but more importantly as part of  the community of Skippack.

“Don’t get me wrong,” continues Bob, “you have to become profitable and make money, but if you fit into the community, that is what makes you truly successful.”

At the Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe, the baked goods are delicious, but the people you meet are the icing on the cupcake.

 Three crowd pleasers from the Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe: From left, nutty black magic, vanilla vanilla, triple salted caramel.

Three crowd pleasers from the Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe: From left, nutty black magic, vanilla vanilla, triple salted caramel.