The Sinful Cupcake

Update: The Sinful has closed. We are saddened to report that the Sinful Cupcake Bakery and Cafe at 4034 Skippack Pike is closed for business.

A Sweet American Dream

Kristen Deering Sullivan at It's A Peace Of Cake

At It’s A Peace of Cake, owner Kristin Deering Sullivan reaches for a cupcake and a piece of the American dream.

I write this post on September 11. On this day, I choose to be proudly, joyfully American. Eagerly pursuing life, liberty and whatever makes me happy. Defining the American dream for myself and going after it.

Right now, that means writing my Skippack blog. Because in Skippack I am inspired by the people I meet who are pursuing their dreams.

For example, I am enjoying getting to know Kristin Deering Sullivan, who pursues her American dream at her Skippack shop, The Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe (her previous shop in Skippack was called It’s A Peace of Cake), which offers gourmet and custom made cupcakes for all occasions and events.

A Skippack Cupcake: Luxury in a Manageable Format

Why a cupcake?

I answer that question with a question: What is the point of working hard at the American dream if I don’t allow myself occasional indulgence in a small luxury?

But I cannot fool you, dear reader, I am no high roller, no big deal. I can only take so much of luxury. Before long, the tuxedo starts to itch. Put me up at the Ritz, and soon you will hear me pine for my home in Skippack, PA. That’s why a cupcake is perfect for a working man like me; it is a luxury, but a small enough one that I can handle it. Give me the whole cake and the appetite sickens and so dies.

A Red, White, & Blue Cupcake

Sweet and patriotic: Stripping the paper skin off of a Red, White, & Blue cupcake at It’s A Peace of Cake in Skippack.

“A cupcake,” explains Kristin, holding up one of her gourmet delicacies, “brings a bit of sunshine into your day, but it doesn’t blind you. It gives you variety. It is just enough; not too little nor too much. It’s a perfect fit in all its aspects.”

The Gourmet Cupcake Experience

In honor of the 9/11 anniversary, Kristin has made a Red, White & Blue cupcake. I am trying to eat my patriotic cupcake slowly, rather than consume it like a human vacuum; yummy, delicious, fluffy, vanilla. Debby is having a Sassy Strawberry.

Other cupcake favors of the day: Blueberry Blast, Nutty Black Magic, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Strawberry, Key Lime, Triple Lemon Lemon-Bar, Peachy Peach Cobbler, and Banana Chocolate Caramel. There is no set menu. The offering changes each day. An edible tribute to the diversity of American tastes.

To make sure each customer gets the full gourmet cupcake experience, Kristin lovingly describes the day’s flavors and ingredients. The pleasure she derives from interacting with her customers shows in her smile.

“I want my customers to tell me about their day,” says Kristin, “to tell me about their kid’s soccer games, to come here and discuss the arts, to discuss baking, or any topic on their minds.”

Blogger sharing cupcake with his wife at It's a Peace of Cake in Skippack

The good life: Sharing a cupcake with my cupcake at It’s A Peace of Cake in Skippack. We now go to Kristin’s new shop, The Sinful Cupcake.

Kristin adds that visitors are welcome to talk and hang out regardless of whether they purchase cupcakes, but for most mortal residents and visitors of Skippack, these cupcakes are a temptation that will be hard to resist.

Sweetness Lightens a Bitter Memory

On this anniversary of 9/11, let us recommit to living the American dream, pursuing our goals and enjoying our good life. And let us meditate on a simple but beautiful word: Peace. Shalom. Let us pray for the peace which one day will shelter all mankind.

Quick Facts: The Sinful Cupcake Bakery & Cafe

Location: 4034 Skippack Pike, Skippack, Pennsylvania 19474
Email: [email protected]