Biltmore Estates is Back: My Hood Has a Revival

Tiffany Heller operating forklift at Biltmore Estates in Skippack

Tiffany Heller is back, once again working to make Biltmore Estates in Skippack beautiful. Here she operates a forklift while helping create a beautiful brick exterior.

Update: Biltmore Estates TH Properties has successfully overcome a past bankruptcy and kept its committment to Biltmore Estates. Homes for sale in Biltmore Estates, Skippack Village. Site improvements continue.
Location: Old Forty Foot Road and Skippack Pike, Skippack, PA 19474
Hours: The sales center and model home is open seven days a week.

Open Daily from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday until 8:00 PM

Contact: Jeff Craig at 215-703-8622

Resident Blogger Tells His Side
After we selected our home in Biltmore Estates, my wife Debby and I would visit Skippack to watch the workers build our future residence. We spent many happy hours watching groups of men skilled at different trades, each crew making its special contribution.

When it came time for workers to craft the brick exterior, we noticed a lovely young woman mixing cement, operating a forklift, and spreading mortar, along with the rest of the crew. She worked with the calm self-possession characteristic of a lovely young woman set at any task. I wanted to find out who she was, but felt reluctant to interrupt her work and didn’t want to make her feel self-conscious or singled out because she was a woman.

Workers from the roof of our house

Workers in 2008 building our future home in Biltmore Estates

Later I would learn: She was Tiffany Heller, the daughter of Paul David Heller (he goes by David), owner of Heller Masonry of North Wales, PA; contracted by our builder TH Properties to work on the multiple unit dwellings in Biltmore Estates.

Our house was built. We moved in July 2008, and began to enjoy the great blessing of living in Skippack Village. Then on April 20, 2009 everything changed: Our builder TH Properties ceased operations. Trouble in paradise.

Next came long months of stillness and incompleteness. No longer did I see Tiffany driving her forklift. Unfinished structures stood as if frozen in time. Tyvek sheets fluttered in the breeze.

This season of bankruptcy was a time of richness for me. I became involved with my homeowner’s association. I went to Skippack Township Meetings and even began talking to local reporters. Most of all, my friendships with many neighbors deepened as we pulled together to weather the storm.

Biltmore Estates in Winter

Biltmore Estates in Winter: I love this place

I learned to love the neighborhood even more, just as I love my friends and family more when they experience adversity and, as a result, develop greater wisdom, humility and compassion. So too my beautiful home, so too my troubled neighborhood.

My neighborhood was scarred but she was not abandoned. TH Properties fought to come back and complete Biltmore Estates. The builder, Bank of America, and other parties entered into long months of meetings, negotiations, proposals, rejection of proposals, court filings, court hearings, agreement then withdrawal from agreement then inability to reach agreement then agreement again, then modification of terms and so on and so on.

By late summer 2010, we began to see improvements in the community. On the common property, trees and shrubs were planted, turning a dull landscape into a foreshadow of a lush, suburban paradise. One morning, we looked outside our kitchen window, and there stood a beautiful Victorian-style white gazebo, reminding me of a line from one of my favorite poems by William Butler Yeats: “We the great gazebo built.”

P. David Heller of Heller Masonry North Wales PA

David Heller of Heller Masonry, North Wales, PA: Thank you David for the beautiful brick exterior of my home

On April 29, 2011, TH Properties obtained the necessary financing to pay their obligation to Bank of America and to complete construction of Biltmore Estates and provide customer service and completion to existing customers.

For me, the revival of Biltmore Estates became reality one morning when I saw Tiffany back on the forklift, again working with a crew to complete the brick exterior of a multi-unit building. With her youthful, confident smile, she seemed like an angel sent to deliver a message: Development, thou art redeemed.

This time I stop to say hello and take a few pictures. Tiffany introduces me to her father, David Heller of Heller Masonry, a gentleman with a warm sense of humor, dedicated to his family. I ask his thoughts about coming back to work at Biltmore Estates, for the same builder.

“We all have faced adversity,” he tells me. “What you do with it is your true measure. TH Properties didn’t take the easy way. They took the honorable way.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.